We started tracking down our missing classmates a year before the reunion, and thanks to the collective efforts of our crack detective squad, led by Rhonda Rowe Duewel, we were able to find reliable contact information for most of the missing. We still haven’t been able to track down contact information for the following people, some of whom have gone missing since the 50th reunion. If anyone knows how to reach any of those still "missing," please use the “Contact Us” page to let us know how to reach out to them. Thanks!

Tom Baker
Barbara Berd
Marie Breger
Sharon Burak
Rob Cameron
Edward Carr
Lowell Conaway
Caroline Condit
Richard Conrad
Marie Cooper
Joanne Cullen
Charles Davidson
Warren Davis
L. Linn Day
Sandra DeFelice
Lucy Dunn
Ruth Elliot
Catherine Faust
Dennis Glazer
Ann Goeller
Judith ann Guzik
Patricia Hamilton
Marcia Harwitz
Edwin (Ted) Hassenstein
David Hutton

Ross Ann Jenny
Dick Johnson
Ellen Keenan
Jonathan Kiser
Albert Klemm
George W. Klohr
James Kofron
Robert Lubach
Sheila Magill
Ralph McKinny
Barbara Meck
Carol Mifflin
Candace Miller
Jerry Morris
Alejandro Escobedo Murga
Anita Mutsaerts
Lynn Oberholtzer
Joyce Pretka
Susanne Ramsey
Thomas Rutledge

Helen (Sue) Schleim
Mariann Schmitt
Jerry Sentman
Patrick Smith
Elizabeth (Libby) Smith
Karen Stark
Jane Steele
Nan Stephens
Richard Steptoe
T. Lawrence Talley
Aude Thomasset
William Tucker
Gail Vennum
E. Brooks Warner
John Wassam
Joanne Wisham