R U a Bulldog?
"You know you're a Bulldog if... "
There are some things that are peculiarly ours from our high school days.  Here are a few that come to mind.  Give us your additions to this list by submitting them through the "Contact Us" page.

You know you're a Bulldog if:

*You know where to find a Gild Hall.
*You remember the night Smith Bridge became an uncovered bridge.

*You know who "Big Otis," "Rocky" and "The Hawk" are. 
*You have ordered a "Kitchen Sink."
*You know whose car was equipped with its own wolf whistle.
*You're still not really sure how to spell "S-E-N-I-O-R."
*You know what comes after "We're from Brandywine and couldn't be prouder... "
*You once had to remove your street shoes before walking on the gym floor.
*You remember when there was a pond at Barbara Mitten's house.
*You still swoon when you hear Bing Crosby croon White Christmas because it reminds you of Dr. Jenkins.
*You spent afternoons at Mama Cupery's.
*Mr. Danneway taught you to read the Latin: "Sybili dare dago, towsun bussis in ero... "
You got excited when Mr. Ziccarelli told his social studies class, "Today we're going to show a strip film" only to discover that he was a little dyslexic.
*You skipped school to swing on the rope over the Brandywine at the Doeskin Mill.
*You either worked at Mr. Bock's Tastee Freeze or got free ice cream from someone who did. 
*You told your parents that you were going to the library to study and somehow ended up at "the Whopper" or "the Pit."
*You "know men in the ranks, who are going to stay in the ranks, simply because they haven't the ability to -- get -- things -- done!"
*You ice skated at Twin Lakes.
*You considered high school wrestling to be a major sport.
*You know which classmate's little brother is "Bad to the Bone."
*You waited anxiously for a "slow dance" at the Aldersgate Canteen.
*You lived not on a road or a street, but in a "development."
*You checked the front door 2 weeks before school started to see who was in your home room.
*You bought hand-dipped ice cream at Lynthwaite Farms.
*You remember when girls basketball was a 6 on 6 game with "rovers."
*You ran in a "cake race."